“We should end this outdated discussion as to whether sustainability and business can coexist!”

This might seem like the words of an environmental activist, but these words were spoken by Dan Barlett, Executive Vice President of Wal-Mart. With its slogan, “Everyday Low Prices,” Wal-Mart once boasted the largest revenue in the world. You can see the company has now largely shifted its business policy.

For anyone involved in business, regardless of generations or sectors, it is essential to realize that we live in an era when the fundamentals of business are going through tectonic changes. Players of 2030SDGs gain hands-on learning experience of the changes facing us from a variety of perspectives.

“How does 2030SDGs work? See below for sample applications.”

2030SDGs as Leadership Training

Do you agree that it has become vital for us to recognize the groundbreaking shift in the foundations of business?

Include 2030SGDs in Next-Generation Business Creation or Learning Journey

What is at stake today is the meaning of business. What purpose does your business serve? What creates your profit? The answer is not something you can figure out. 2030SDGs is an action learning exercise for you to ‘create’ your answer!

Include 2030SGDs for Vision Creation and Future Planning Project for Businesses and Teams

2030SDGs is an incredibly effective approach when you develop your long-term vision from broad perspectives.

2030SDGs as Workshop for Leaders at All Levels

The law of inertia works for the majority, in any times, and at any organizations. Thus, building shared organizational awareness of the changes in our fundamental view of the world could give you a distinctive strength.

(Also, 2030SDGs for Business Skill Training)

2030SDGs can work as simple business skill training. It tends to generate the following changes in people:


2030SDGs for New Employee Training

Your new employees are at the beginning of their over 40-year journey as business professionals. Don’t you think that they need training that focuses on “tomorrow’s world”?

Structure and Duration

A standard session includes game play and debriefing. The duration ranges from 2.5 hours to a whole day, depending on your aims and requests.

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