What is the state of the world today?
Is it sustainable?
Is it deadlocked?
Perhaps time has passed and we should be no longer asking questions like them.
The signs have appeared. Changes have begun. Realities have begun to shift already.
Here, we are committed to breathing into more and more new life.
Our new ideas may be a little different from what we already know.
They may be childish, risky, or unpredictable. In fact, they do fail a lot!

But, it’s OK. It’s OK.
And, it’s wonderful in fact,
That’s the way we make innovations happen and breathe into new world.
We put aside brainy discussion and critiques.
We create the future, with our hands, minds, and hearts!

No need to wait till tomorrow. We can do it right NOW. (‘Ima’ in Japanese)
No need to go somewhere. We can do it right HERE. (‘Coco’ in Japanese)
COLLABORATE and experiment your ideas in our LAB! (‘Collabo’ = Collaboration + Laboratory)
Imacocollabo is established to accelerate these collaborations and experiments.
Join us now!

Imacocollabo. Constitution (quote)

Article 3: Objective
We stand on an understanding that all the lives are parts of the global environment and aim to make our society truly flourishing and sustainable. In pursuit of this objective, we are committed to the following activities:

1. Educational trainings for individuals and organizations of all sectors, including businesses, schools, NPOs, NGOs and governments
2. Business consulting, management support and investment
3. Development of social leaders and platform institutions
4. Research, seminars and workshops, and study groups as well as publishing and operation of related media
5. Research and development of platforms for corporate, economic and educational activities.
6. Other activities relevant or supplementary to the above activities
7. Other activities necessary for achieving our organizational objectives

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