I tended to focus on individual challenges of SDGs separately. My best learning from playing this game was that I could feel the whole picture, the links between economy, society and environment. I would like to have my colleagues play this game in our company, and would love the top management and executives of various companies to play.

Although I had played several business simulation games, I enjoyed this 2030SDGs because the experience taught me a way of thinking that enriches not only myself but also people around me. I felt relaxed and calm after playing the game.

As I began to see the environment or the world as my neighborhood, I found my thoughts and behaviors also started to change.

It is just a game, but it made me think and learn a lot. I was feeling a kind of solidarity among us, all players, although I did not talk with everyone directly. Someone said, “we shared a sense of sharing the earth together” and that was exactly how I felt.

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