Currently 2030SDGs game kit is not for sale. Instead, we are renting 2030SFGs to the facilitators who completed our training sessions for navigating the game. The basic 2-day training session for potential facilitators is available for those who have played the game at least once.

Why are we ‘renting’ the game to the facilitators?

Unlike many of the publicly available card games or board games, which has clear rules and guidelines that guarantees certain quality regardless of the navigation skills, 2030SDGs is essentially a simulation game with unlimited variety of scenarios, depending on the decisions, actions or involvement of the players. Thus, if the facilitator lacks the appropriate skill set, the game may drift away from the original purpose, or it sometimes does not work out at all.

We are also providing facilitators with opportunities for continued discussion and sharing the latest information in order to learn from each other and constantly improve the quality of the game.

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