The Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, are a set of goals for which international society agreed to work together at the “Sustainable Development Summit” in September 2015. The SDGs for consist of 17 goals and 169 specific targets to be achieved by the year 2030.

The 2030 SDGs Game is a game that takes you on an experiential journey to discover how the world can achieve these 17 powerful goals between now and 2030.

How can we realize the grand vision of SDGs, in a world full of diverse values and purposes, as well as different people and organizations coexist?

Through the game play and reflection, players not only discover what the ‘sustainable development’ is, but also find the critical factors for social changes through their own experience.

Therefore the ones who have never heard of SDGs and who are not interested in it can still enjoy playing the game as it is very easy-to-play and fun. They can also understand the essence of the SDGs through the experience.

The game is designed for minimum 5 to maximum 50 participants but if the parallel worlds run at a time, the maximum participants can be 200. A typical game play takes 1 hour and the reflection of the game takes minimum 30 to 60 minutes and total play time is about 2 hours and half.


How to play the 2030 SDGs Game

The rules are simple. You use money and time with the intent to achieve your goal by the end of the game.

What kind of goals are there?

You might be a Fortune Seeker, for whom money is the most important thing; or the most important thing might be to Live in Comfort and Leisure, so as to have the freedom to relax; you might be someone who wants to end poverty, or to protect the environment. Just like in the real world, in this world there are diverse people with different values.



Let’s look at what kind of projects we have. Here is an example of a project called “Build Transformation Infrastructure.”

To run this project, “What you need to spend” is 500 Gold cards and 3 Time cards. If a transportation infrastructure is built, the economy circulates more and travel time is shortened. As a result of running this project, “What you will get” is 1000 Gold, 1 Time, a new Project and a Principle.

The principle is something that you can’t see; it’s a kind of fulfillment of a motivation or intention. This principle card is important to those for whom principles are more important than money or time, and who collect them as their goal.

Another important point is that every participant uses the magnets on the whiteboard as in the photo below; these magnets show the world condition of your world. Blue represents the economy, while Green stands for the environment and Yellow stands for society.

If you look at the above Build Transformation Infrastructure project card again, you can find Change in “World Condition Meter” at the bottom. When you run this project, the parameters there will change accordingly.

This means that each project that the participants run will have impact on the world and the world of 2030 will be affected accordingly.

See more about the 2030 SDGs Game. 【Video】


Testimonials: Voice from the Players

I tended to focus on individual challenges of SDGs separately. My best learning from playing this game was that I could feel the whole picture, the links between economy, society and environment. I would like to have my colleagues play this game in our company, and would love the top management and executives of various companies to play.

Although I had played several business simulation games, I enjoyed this 2030SDGs because the experience taught me a way of thinking that enriches not only myself but also people around me. I felt relaxed and calm after playing the game.

As I began to see the environment or the world as my neighborhood, I found my thoughts and behaviors also started to change.

It is just a game, but it made me think and learn a lot. I was feeling a kind of solidarity among us, all players, although I did not talk with everyone directly. Someone said, “we shared a sense of sharing the earth together” and that was exactly how I felt.


How can you bring the game to your community?

We are looking for venues and community leaders who are interested in hosting us. This game is a tremendous resource and catalyst for anyone who wants to inspire, motivate, and empower your community or organization to embrace a vision of a sustainable world.
If you are interested in hosting the game, please contact us using the
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If You Want to Purchase 2030SDGs

Currently 2030SDGs game kit is not for sale. Instead, we are renting 2030SDGs to the facilitators who completed our training sessions for navigating the game. The basic 2-day training session for potential facilitators is available for those who have played the game at least once.


Why are we ‘renting’ the game to the facilitators?

Unlike many of the publicly available card games or board games, which has clear rules and guidelines that guarantees certain quality regardless of the navigation skills, 2030SDGs is essentially a simulation game with unlimited variety of scenarios, depending on the decisions, actions or involvement of the players. Thus, if the facilitator lacks the appropriate skill set, the game may drift away from the original purpose, or it sometimes does not work out at all.

We are also providing facilitators with opportunities for continued discussion and sharing the latest information in order to learn from each other and constantly improve the quality of the game.

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