The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, are a set of goals for which international society agreed to work together at the “Sustainable Development Summit” in September 2015. SDGs for 2030 consist of 17 aspirational goals and 169 specific targets between them.

The 2030SDGs is a game that provides an experiential journey to learn how the world can accomplish the 17 aspirational goals between now and 2030. How can we realize the grand vision of SDGs in this world where a lot of different values and purposes, as well as different people and organizations coexist? Through the game play and reflection, the players not only discover what the ‘sustainable development’ is, but also find the critical factors for social changes through their own experience.

The game is designed for minimum 5 to maximum 120 participants. Just like the real world, the more players are involved, the more difficult it becomes to accomplish the goals.

A typical game play takes 1 hour and the reflection of the game takes minimum 30 to 60 minutes. Due to the short duration of the game play, players can spend sufficient time on reflection and dialogue.

Reference: United Nations Information Centre: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Japanese)

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