【Case Study】The University of Tokyo ~ The 2030SDGs card game experience of foreign global leaders solving social issues ~


The 2030 SDGs game was introduced for international leaders of Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management at The University of Tokyo.


What was the reason you decided to hold this event?

I attended the SDG Game organized in June, and was very impressed by the experience this game offered. During every day conversations about sustainability, we talk in abstract terms, about the need to perceive the longer-term societal implications, the need for collaboration, and the misconstrued notion of tradeoff between economic growth and environmental protection etc. This game makes these abstract conversations feel more real, and thus, motivates the player to take collective action. I wanted to share my experience of this kind, with fellow students of GSDM, Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management, at the University of Tokyo, and hence have organized this event.


What are your honest impressions of the event?

Since this was the first time we organized this kind of event at University of Tokyo (to my limited knowledge), we were initially a bit unsure of how it will be received by the students. However, that concern did not last long. All through the event, players were deeply engaged in the process and I hope to believe, have left the room with renewed optimism and commitment to achieve sustainable development. The facilitator – Skip, was very skillful at dealing with the group and provided us, a memorable experience.


Accredited facilitator, Skip Swanson is leading the game.


What memorable thing(s) happened during the event?

There were several teams where players met each other for the first time that evening. However, by the end of the game, they developed a good rapport with other players, and I believe, made new friends in the process.


What stands out from the comments and feedback you received from the participants?

Several groups reflected how the mid-event announcement by facilitator about the state of the world had led them to feel a sense of urgency and allowed them to reflect upon their actions, building awareness about the implications of our actions for future is perhaps an important step in driving people towards harmonizing their personal goals with societal progress.


Players were deeply engaged in the process.


What does sustainable mean to you personally?

For me, sustainability is an act in pursuit of conserving environment, countering inequities and democratizing wellbeing, while doing them all at once with large scale and a rapid pace.


What would you like readers of this article to know?

Commitment to personal goals provide us with the incentives to work towards them. Experience of playing this game led me to realize the importance of aligning our personal goals with sustainable development. Doing so, will accelerate the pace at which we can achieve both. They can be self-reinforcing.


What is one last message you would like to express?




All enjoyed!


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Name of Organization:The University of Tokyo
Position in Organization:Doctoral Student at GSDM http://gsdm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/
Name:Varada Karthik

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